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Nurse educators are prepared at the master’s or doctoral level and practice as teachers, mentors, and faculty in community colleges, universities, and hospitals and other health care facilities. They work with students studying nursing for the first time as well as experienced nurses pursuing advanced degrees and growing their knowledge and skills.

Nurse educators find their work rewarding as they see students and practicing nurses grow in their skills and knowledge. They have the opportunity to collaborate with other health professionals in the classroom setting as well as the clinical setting.

Nurse educators serve in a variety of roles that range from full time positions to adjunct (part-time) clinical faculty or clinical extenders.
Nurse educators and faculty may work full time in the college setting or the service setting or in a shared role in both settings.
Contact the Human Resources Department at the hospital or college in your community for further information.

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Continued Education Offerings

Each year, Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) provides over 110 educational programs that included 68 e-based learning opportunities, 22 bio-terrorism preparedness training classes and coding workshops. These educational offerings are attended by over 3,100 hospital employees from 145 member hospitals including satellite facilities. Each program is evaluated by attendees and programs rate 98% good to excellent for both overall program satisfaction and quality of information presented.

MHA provides education programming for the 8 affiliated societies, hosting an annual meeting for each society, the Societies Conference for all society members, and the MHA Presidents’ Council Retreat for the past and present society leadership. MHA also provides educational opportunities for our hospitals’ trustees, including a quarterly newsletter, e-based specific trustee education and a Trustee Manual.

In order to defray educational costs for our members, MHA continues to develop relationships and sponsorships with MHA Solutions and its endorsed vendors. Vendors are invited to participate in our annual Societies Conference, individual society meetings and the Leadership Conference. MHA Solutions also continues to work with the Education Department to sponsor educational sessions.

Mississippi Nurses Association

The Mississippi Nurses Association is in the business of taking care of Nursing’s business. MNA is an organization of registered nurses inclusive of staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, nursing educators, nurse managers, school nurses and others who share a common interest in improving and advancing their careers and opportunities in the nursing profession. MNA provides valuable career services, professional development, networking and social events. The Mississippi Nurses’ Association is accredited as a Provider of Continuing Nursing Education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

National League for Nursing

The NLN promotes the professional growth and continuous quality improvement of faculty and nursing education leaders . NLN has given the highest priority to faculty development programs offered in a wide variety of formats and venues.

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