Frequently Asked Questions

I have my Masters in Executive Nursing, so…

What will it take for me to be qualified to be a Nurse Educator?

Need a master’s in nursing.

Do I need to take more courses at the master’s level?

Not to teach in an ADN or LPN program.

Do I have to work on my PhD?

If you are preparing students at the Master’s or Doctorate level, you will need to take doctorate level courses in preparation for you doctorate.

*Do I need a teaching certificate?

Not required, but encouraged.

*Can I just teach in the classroom?

Not usually.

Do I have to teach classroom and clinical?

It depends on your school and your position. As adjunct faculty, some schools only require clinical teaching. As full time faculty, you will be most schools require that you teach in the classroom and in the clinical setting.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Please check with your school.

What is the contract length, 9 or 12 months?

My contract is for 12 months, but depends on the school.

*Will someone help me my first year teaching?

Most schools have mentoring programs and will assign a mentor with you. – The iteachnurisng website will also be available if you need further assistance.

Do I have to have malpractice insurance?

It is not a state requirement.

*Do I have to pick a specialty to teach, i.e. pediatrics, ob-gyn, orthopedics, etc.?

No. Most schools of nursing will try to place you in an area of familiarity, but cannot guarantee that you will not be in an unfamiliar subject area.

*What hours will I have to work?

This depends on your school of nursing. Most office hours are from 0800 to 1500. On clinical days, faculty are required to have 6.25 hours at the hospital.

What else do faculty have to do besides teach in the classroom?

Prepare lectures, make clinical assignments. Clinical groups are assigned at the beginning of each semester. You act as their faculty advisors throughout the semester. You will need to attend committee meeting and other assigned meetings. You will be informed of other duties by your dean or chairperson.

*How do you make test questions?

Some schools of nursing use test banks. Some use test construction guidelines. Most use the NCLEX guidelines or developing their questions to ensure the questions are preparing students for NCLEX.

*How do you evaluate students?

Schools of nursing have guidelines for clinical and classroom. There is a competency rating guide used to ensure fair and consistent evaluation.

Is there a curriculum already made to follow?


How do I prepare for a lecture?

Your mentor will assist in preparing for the lecture. You will receive objectives that your students will need to meet. Most lectures have been given before and seasoned instructors will assist or offer those to you.

*Is it fun?

Loads of fun. One faculty member says it was of the best decisions they ever made.

*Is it stressful?

It can be, but no more than any other nursing job. Most of the time, the job is less stressful.

How would I be evaluated?

You are evaluated by both students and chairpersons.

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